mixed media art

Boo boos, or "why did I do that?"

Take a good look at the piece below, because I kept messing with and it will never be this good again, in my opinion, but we will see. Sometimes these "uh oh" moments work out for the best, but sometimes a big tube of white paint is an artist's best friend. That's what I love about being an artist, though: the constant challenge of working out color combinations and pleasing composition. But, I tend to do this after the fact, that's just how I work now and it suits me better. Rather than write down ideas and pencil in a composition, my paintings lately have been intuitive and organic in nature. Yes, I usually have a particular color palette in mind, but rarely will I have a design mapped out. Some professional artists might say that's not a good way to work, but everyone has their own way and I don't think there's any right or wrong way, as long as it works for you. So, I'm going to blog more about my process and works in progress, and post some progress pics along the way. This way, maybe you can connect with a piece more if you know the story behind it. For this one, I wanted to do circles, just because. Circles are complete and aesthetically pleasing, I think. The title will be "It's My Party," and you know how the rest of the line goes. I'm going for balloons here, and the suggestion of crying, but I want it to be a festive looking painting as well. Tune in later and see how I finished. But I'm still thinking "why oh why did I do that?" 

Raising a ruckus

I thought I'd share my progress so far of a new, colorful abstract piece that I'm working on, "Raising A Ruckus." We've probably all heard that phrase (or maybe it's mostly a southern thing), but it's mostly used to convey calamity or chaos, and goodness knows we've got a lot of that going on in the world today. But I'm thinking of it differently; couldn't raising a ruckus be done in a good way, for good? Like getting active and participating in a cause you're passionate about. So, in that context, this painting has happy energy and colors, I hope. At least that's what I'm trying to do. No darkness or dark colors allowed!

I'd be interested in your thoughts on things you've gotten stirred up about; please feel free to comment below. Now go out there and raise a ruckus.


A round tuit, or procrastination

"Just do it!"  ~ Nike

We've all used and heard the phrase "when I get around to it." Years ago, when I was a little girl, my Dad brought home a little round thingy similar to this:

Now, I don't ever recall my Mom using this phrase a lot; she was and is a good housekeeper and always got things done. It was probably just my Dad's being funny, which he frequently was. As I began another piece of art the other day, the phrase "when the spirit moves me," kept running through my head and, the more I thought about it, the more the "round tuit" phrase kept coming up; two different ways of saying the same thing. Below is a detail shot of this latest work in progress, "When the Spirit Moves Me," and you'll see some "round tuits" in it, my version of them anyway. Procrastination can be a crippling thing, and I've learned, just like the Nike people said, to "just do it!" 

Kick the Can, and a pond

"Youth is, after all, just a moment, but it is the moment, the spark that you always carry with you."

This past weekend, I took a trip home, just my dog and me, to visit my Mom in my hometown. For some reason during the drive this time, I spent time thinking about my childhood. All along the route I take to drive home, there are a few little ponds in the fields along the way, and, being especially sunny and beautiful days, the sunlight sparkled on the water of these little bodies of water, and reminded me of a little pond/lake behind my childhood home that I could see every time I looked out our kitchen and family room windows. Seeing these little ponds during my drive, with the reflecting sunlight, gave me comforting memories of my childhood. I have fond memories of that house and the field behind our house where even horses lived occasionally, and of the neighborhood; sledding in the winter, the way the little pond looked on sunny days, playing Kick the Can under the streetlights with my good friends until after dark. So, the point of today's post is, I think, that if you were lucky enough to have a warm and loving childhood, to cherish those times when things were simpler. You may find that it gives you perspective and comfort when you need it most. 

"Alive Under A Calypso Sky"  mixed media on canvas 

"Alive Under A Calypso Sky"  mixed media on canvas