Being "authentic" for 2018

Every year I choose a new word to try and live by for the year, a word to concentrate on, a word to make me stretch and grow. For 2018, my word is “authenticity.” This is something that I often struggle with, as there are so many wonderful, talented artists out there whom I admire and, quite frankly, would love to emulate. So, next year is my year to reinforce that, even though I might find my work lacking at times, especially when compared to those whose work I love, I need to remain “authentic” and true to myself. It may mean revisiting some old techniques, some that were very successful for me in years past, but maybe adding a new twist. Or, it may be going in a completely different and new direction. The important thing is to constantly remind myself that whatever I offer, it will be mine, and mine alone, with my own unique stamp on it, that keeps the authenticity real. What about you? Will you join me in keeping yourself authentic? I’d love your thoughts. Wishing all of you your most successful, wonderful, happy, and authentic new year yet!