"Focus" - the word for 2019

It’s been over a year (yikes!) since my last blog post, but I’m vowing to try it again this year and be more consistent with my writing; so, my word for 2019 is “focus.” Every year I pick a word and try to live it; and this year’s word fits especially well, since sometimes my art is all over the place and I need to pinpoint my style and technique. But, after two plus years of experimenting with painting abstract art, I think I’ve finally landed on a style and technique that intrigues me (well, maybe a couple of styles, but this is actually an improvement for my sometimes erratic and non-behaving brain!)

Can anyone else relate? Do you find it difficult to accomplish a goal because that laser-like focus is all over the place? I can only say to be patient and enjoy the journey and discovery, that it WILL come if you work at it. I’m probably stating the obvious here, but I’m living proof that hard work goes hand-in-hand with finding your unique voice, and will eventually pay off. So, below is painting that I’ve recently completed, using the new skills that I want to implement and focus more on.

I’d love your thoughts and comments. Here’s to 2019!

“Dancing at the Edge of the Sea” - ©Terri Edwards 2019