Boo boos, or "why did I do that?"

Take a good look at the piece below, because I kept messing with and it will never be this good again, in my opinion, but we will see. Sometimes these "uh oh" moments work out for the best, but sometimes a big tube of white paint is an artist's best friend. That's what I love about being an artist, though: the constant challenge of working out color combinations and pleasing composition. But, I tend to do this after the fact, that's just how I work now and it suits me better. Rather than write down ideas and pencil in a composition, my paintings lately have been intuitive and organic in nature. Yes, I usually have a particular color palette in mind, but rarely will I have a design mapped out. Some professional artists might say that's not a good way to work, but everyone has their own way and I don't think there's any right or wrong way, as long as it works for you. So, I'm going to blog more about my process and works in progress, and post some progress pics along the way. This way, maybe you can connect with a piece more if you know the story behind it. For this one, I wanted to do circles, just because. Circles are complete and aesthetically pleasing, I think. The title will be "It's My Party," and you know how the rest of the line goes. I'm going for balloons here, and the suggestion of crying, but I want it to be a festive looking painting as well. Tune in later and see how I finished. But I'm still thinking "why oh why did I do that?" 

Sticking to it

"Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality."  ~ George Hopkins

Commitments run the gamut--from a commitment to ourselves (perhaps in the form of a New Year's resolution) to a commitment to another person (perhaps in the form of a wedding ring). Commitments can be hard, and they often involve sacrifice on our part. But the only way to achieve anything significant is to commit ourselves to it. If we never make any commitments, we never do anything significant. Commitments are beautiful because they are proof of a full life.  ~ from Positive Quotes for Every Day by Patricia Lorenz

What are you committed to? For me, for the last two years, I've been committed to finding my voice, my signature style. There are so many art styles that I love, that it's hard to choose one to focus on. I've always been fascinated by abstract art, but I've never been very good at it, so my focus for the last two years has been learning about abstract styles and trying them on for size to see which ones I love doing. My commitment to abstract painting has led me to more intuitive painting, to see where the colors, forms, and shape take me in a painting, and I've had a blast. Below is my first really intuitive painting, and one I'm keeping as a reminder of my commitment to my art. I encourage you to think about your commitments; your relationships, your passions, your commitment to yourself to grow. Please feel free to comment and tell me what you're committed to!


"All Mixed Up," mixed media on canvas. Private collection of the artist.

"All Mixed Up," mixed media on canvas. Private collection of the artist.