"That is happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great." Willa Cather

"Artists tend to lose themselves in their work. The lucky ones are those whose work makes them melt into their projects so completely that the rest of the world disappears. That is happiness and fulfillment." from Positive Quotes for Every Day, by Patricia Lorenz

Today, think about the things you love to do; your hobbies, your passions, even your job, and whether or not you ever lose yourself in your work. If you don't, do something your future self will thank you for and embark on something that really moves you, that fulfills you like nothing else. My art career gives me this happiness, and that in turn increases my gratitude towards the universe, that I can make for myself a more fulfilling existence doing what I love. How about it? What will you change today, to guide you to a more fulfilling life?

"Becoming Myself" Mixed media collage on vintage book cover